ScarJo Interested in Going to “Old St. Louis” With Vince Vaughn, David O. Russell

Having apparently held Blake Lively at bay for the female lead in Alfonso Cuaron's "Gravity," Scarlett Johansson is now eying a role opposite Vince Vaughn in writer-director David O. Russell's next film.

"Old St. Louis" would star Vaughn as a divorced traveling toy salesman who meets up with his estranged daughter. ScarJo would play Vaughn's paramour/secretary, reported Vulture.

Chloe Moretz has apparently been cast as Vaughn's daughter, telling IGN, "I do have a couple films that I am about to work on. I'm doing Old St. Louis, which we're working out dates on, with David O. Russell directing and Vince Vaughn, he's in it... And this is Vince Vaughn's kind of labor of love. He's been working on it about eight years now and he's really been working at it."

The project has been around forever, having been worked on at one time or another by Steve Pink (writer of "Gross Pointe Blank" director of "Hot Tub Time Machine") and Allen Loeb ("Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps"). But word is that Russell has basically scrubbed the script of everybody else's fingerprints, leaving himself with the sole credit.

Vaughn is currently filming "The Dilemma," with director Ron Howard and co-stars Jennifer Connelly, Winona Ryder, Channing Tatum and Kevin James, about a man who must decide whether or not to tell his best friend his wife is having an affair.

Russell, meanwhile, is gearing up for the Dec. 10 release of "The FIghter," starring Mark Wahlberg and Christian, about the early years of  boxer Irish" Mickey Ward.

And of course vampire fans around the world are awaiting Moretz' star turn in the "Let the Right One In" remake, "Let Me In," coming out Oct 1.

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