Arnold Takes Wardrobe Shot at Maria

Schwarzenegger wears 'I survived Maria' shirt on bike ride

Getty Images

Think Arnold Schwarzenegger has lost his sense of humor because of his divorce? Think again.

The former California governor went for a bike ride Sunday wearing a t-shirt that appeared to mock his separation from his long time wife, Maria Shriver.

Schwarzenegger donned bicycle shorts and a white t-shirt that read on the front "It's time" and on the back "survived Maria" and "2007-2010."

In case the dates seem off, they don't mark the span Schwarzenegger was married to Shriver. Instead TMZ reports the shirt was made by Shriver's staff as a joke when the governor left the office.

Her staff reportedly crossed out the 2007 and in pen wrote "1977," the year the couple began dating.

Visit TMZ's website to see a picture of the actor-turned-governor wearing the shirt.

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