Secret Service Interrogates Child Over Post


A Tacoma, Wash. seventh grader was questioned by the U.S. Secret Service after his Facebook post warning President Barack Obama of possible retaliation by Osama bin Laden supporters was considered a national security threat.

Vito Lapinta, Jr., 13,  posted a status update on Facebook saying he was concerned about the president and possible retaliation for the planned killing of bin Laden. A week later, on May 13, the boy was called into the principal's office where a man who identified himself as a Secret Service agent told him that the post was considered a threat to Obama, according to Today.

At the end of the May 13 interview, the federal agent told Lapinta he was free to go. His mother, Timi Robertson, said she wasn't informed of the interrogation until "a school security guard tipped her off," according to reports. She arrived a half-hour after the interview began, she told a reporter.

For those of you out there who still think only your selected friends are reading your status updates, think again. You may want to keep your most controversial thoughts to yourself.

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