Senate Passes Chelsea's Law

In a 33-0 vote, the state senate approved Chelsea's Law Tuesday, sending the legislation to the governor's desk.

The Senate Appropriations Committee unanimously approved an amended version of the bill on Aug. 12, which was named after Chelsea King, the 17-year-old Poway senior who was raped and murdered by convicted sex offender John Gardner.

The bill, authored by local Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher, includes a one strike provision for the most violent sex offenders and lengthier prison terms for forcible sex crimes.

The Kings, who have moved to the Chicago area this summer, have been very public in their support of the bill. They consider the support the legislation has received "a testament to our daughter's powerful legacy, to the passionate voices of Californians who care about children and to the legislative process which exists to carry out the will of the people," according to a family statement.

On the Facebook page for Chelsea's Light, the foundation created by the King family, many people commented on the news.

"That's wonderful. I hope this gets many more of these creeps off the street," posted Rochelle Fechtner-Dahlheimer.

"Amazing, just amazing. I am so happy to see Chelsea is still changing the world we live in!" wrote Tina McDermott.

Caroline Clark Martin posted, " I could not think of a more meaningful way to honor Chelsea."

Chelsea's Law -- now known as Assembly Bill 1844 -- required a two-thirds vote to pass.

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