Seth Green Weighs in on the “Star Wars” Blu-ray

You know Seth Green - actor and co-creator of "Robot Chicken" - is an even bigger “Star Wars” geek than you, so on which side of the fence does he fall regarding George Lucas’ latest digital tinkering with the old school saga?

“It's his stuff, dude – he can do what he wants with it,” Green, who’s lampooned Lucas’ epic canon on three “Robot Chicken” specials, tells PopcornBiz of the filmmaker’s continued tweaking of the films with the imminent Blu Ray releases, which reportedly feature an added “Noooooo!” cried by Darth Vader as he confronts the Emperor, among other reworkings.

“We have all the other copies of the way it was if you like it better that way, you know what I mean?” says Green. “You can't tell him not to do it. You can just, like, cry and get mad about it if that's how you feel.”

Green’s gotten pretty tight with Lucas, getting stamps of approval for the “Robot Chicken” parodies that led to a gig developing a new “Star Wars” TV project. “We've been developing that animated show for Lucasfilm that no one can talk about,” says Green, “so that's kind of where we're putting all of that energy. I can say that it's animated and we're working on it. It's a thrilling process…that I'm excited to be able to talk about at some point.”

What Green says fans should know about Lucas before hurling another epithet his way for sullying their childhoods: “He's so much more of a human being than anyone realizes because he's an incredibly successful, perennial billionaire. But he's really just a dude who makes awesome stuff that people have liked. And so nobody realizes that.”

We asked Green if he had any sense of what Lucas thought about the outcry that continually erupts when he adds new tweaks to his space fantasy. “Who knows?” mulled Green. “I've never asked him about any of that. Maybe I will. I'll ask him."

Help us, Seth Green. You’re our only hope.

"Star Wars: The Complete Saga" is available on Blu-ray for the first time today

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