Shatner's New World: TV Comedy Based on Twitter Page

William Shatner is once again going where no man has gone before -- the television show based on the Twitter page.

The Twitter sensation "S--- My Dad Says" is becoming a CBS TV pilot and Shatner's set to play the larger-than-life dad at the center of it, according to the Hollywood reporter.

The hilarious Twitter site has enlisted more than 1.6 million followers since launching in August. Its star mission -- to quote creator Justin Halpern's 74-year-old real-life father, after he moves back home at the age of 29. With Shatner on board, the project has been greenlighted to pilot.

The site is fantastic and shares a rich insight into a person not normally found in the shallow Twittersphere. A recent entry gives the sense of the comedic possibilities here: "Don't mess with him...Trust me, you don't f--- with a man that sleeps next to a woman he never screws. They're unpredictable." That's it. But it's a great piece of a comedic puzzle.

Halpern stays on board as he co-penned the script with Patrick Schumacker. Halpern and Schumacker co-exec produce the Warner Bros. TV-produced project.

Even with Shatner on board, the big question has to be whether the Twitter page will pull off the jump into the new medium or end up as extinct as the sitcom Geico cavemen.

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