Sheriff Lee Baca Discusses Jail Scandal

Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca admitted that some deputies have mistreated prisoners in County jails.

“In certain cases, yes,” said Baca when asked if inmates were being abused. “And that is the whole problem here that we are facing right now. And we’ve got a significant plan to solve this problem through education based incarceration and town hall meetings within the jails. And my command staff that is specifically designated as problem solvers and will listen to inmates, learn more about their problems and then solve them.”

Baca, who has been the County Sheriff since 1998, said there could be between 10 and 20 deputies who could be guilty of mistreating prisoner. He characterized those employees as those “who aren’t on board with our core values and who are immature.”

After an investigation Baca said he the county should and will seek prosecution for any employee who is guilty of mistreating or abusing inmates.

However, even with the abuse scandal was uncovered by the FBI and reported in the Los Angeles Times, Baca said he will not resign.

“We’ll have to wait for voters to decide that,” said Baca when asked directly if he will remain at his post.

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