Sierra Spring: Lighten Up at Tenaya Lodge

Wildflowers, and outdoorsy happenings, are blooming near the Yosemite-close resort.

THE RUSH OF WARMTH: Springtime usually says its hellos ahead of the vernal equinox, at least around the middle of swath of California, where waterfalls in Yosemite National Park and wildflowers throughout the Sierra begin to flow and flower in the weeks running up to the big day. But the big day's arrival does possess a certain amount of magic, for it reminds those who've been noodling over whether they're going to take a vacation or not, just a quick nature-nice weekend away, to jump on it. Warmer days are coming, and with warmer days come al fresco pursuits. Tenaya Lodge, which sits just south of the national park, is gearing up on the get-outside front, now that snowier times are receding in the rearview mirror.

BIKING TO HIKING: There are several ways to get out among the trees during a Tenaya Lodge, with "onsite hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, and archery" among the choices. If you want to saddle up, there shall be saddles (and the sweet horses that are part of the whole giddy-up deal, too). As for rafting and fishing? Sierra-based pursuits don't come more seasonal. And speaking of seasonal, spring is the time for waterfalls in the big valley. Should you want to combine your affection for spokes with your love of gazing up at falling H20, Tenaya Lodge suggests a Sierra Waterfall Bike & Hike. It's self-guided, and five miles, so prepare to pedal. And be prepared to have your bike rental and picnic lunch included in an all-in-one package for thirty-five bucks.

AS FOR CLASSIC SPRING CELEBRATIONS? Like those with long bunny ears and brightly hued eggs? Those are on the Tenaya horizon as well. Look for an Easter Bunny scavenger hunt (a quintet of holiday-festive rabbits are hidden around the mountain-air property and Easter egg workshops, too (get ready to swirl and dye and design away). A hunt is in the works, too, and Easter brunch. For all the early-April doings, point your grassy basket this way.

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