Siri, Meet Iris, Your Android Version Created in 8 Hours


A startup has created an Android alternative of Siri, created in an eight-hour hackathon and already available on the Android Market.

Iris, "Siri" spelled backwards, is a question-and-answer service application and lacks most of Siri's functionality such as creating appointments, sending e-mails or texts. Apparently its developers raided Wikipedia to answer many questions about science, art, literature or history, but it also manages to answer common questions, according to the Guardian. For instance, it knows why the chicken crossed the road and how much wood a woodchuck can chuck.

TechCrunch seemed plainly positive about the app, for some reason being less critical because it was created in eight hours. We think differently. If your app isn't very good or unfinished, don't send it out or publicize it and add a caveat that it was done in only eight hours. Who cares?

We want to see something good and functional, not an outline of things to come. So no, we won't praise Dexetra for churning out a second-rate app simply because it was fast.

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