Siri-Ously, It Can Control (Almost) Anything

Well that took about a minute: Siri can turn your pad into something from a 1960s spy flick, remotely working the curtains, raise the hidden wet bar and/or adjust the temp of your waterbed. It can also start your car and heat your home and run your computer apps, too.

Siri is unleashed, via SiriProxy.

The proxy is a hack that first allowed Pete Lamonica to control his digital thermostat. The proxy intercepts Siri's signal that would have gone to Apple's servers and then carries out the command.

Then developer Brandon Fiquett started his car with SiriProxy. Now the cascading effect has it turning on televisions remotely, controlling curtains and lights, as well.

Plex is an app that allows users to freely set up their media centers, cataloging all their consumable content online. So, of course, SiriProxy can command it.

Video proof ensues...


 The site iDownloadBlog has it running their computer, too:

And, finally, take control of your surroundings:

TheNextWeb has another good write up of SiriProxy. Press:Here will continue to update this story as Siri continues to take over the world.

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