SLO Surf ‘n Sip: Wine, Waves, and Beyond

Boards and beverages make the scene in San Luis Obispo County.

Wine, Waves, and Beyond

TRUE FACTS: There probably isn't a sport that is more involved with liquid than surfing. Okay, true, swimming is way up there, too, and all of the pool- and ocean-based pursuits. But while certain liquids are much associated with certain recreational pastimes -- sports drinks and football, hot toddies post skiing -- surfing doesn't have an automatic sip-associated drink. Maybe a brewski, around the bonfire, later in the night, but drinks sought after a day spent surfing rather run the gamut. Or maybe not. Consider that the Golden State's choicest waves happen just a short drive, and sometimes just a handful of miles, from some of California's best wineries. By proximity alone, vino should be a top post-surf sip, and so it is, especially in San Luis Obispo County each spring. That's the scene for Wine, Waves, and Beyond, a long weekend devoted to hanging ten, surf flicks, fine wine, and raising funds for the AmpSurf, the Association for Amputee Surfers.

DATES AND DETAILS: The boards'll hit the foam and corks shall be corkscrewed from April 30 through May 4. The Fremont Theater in SLO kicks things off on April 30 with some surf cinema. "The Cradle of Storms" and "Missing" shall screen. Friday the wine side of things gets flowing, with Rabobank's Barrel to Barrel, and Hops and Hogs Chef Throwdown dominates Saturday, and Sunday is all about the longboards going head-to-head and an '80s beach party. Oh, yes, and the vintage VWs shall roll. It's pretty dang chillaxed for a wine-themed weekend, with people rocking the trunks and sandy hair, and a definite must for anyone who counts surf culture and chardonnay among their top loves. Call it a free-spirited combo of the two, and for a most rad cause. SLO, we're packing our board shorts and sunglasses now.

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