10 Dead After Plane Crashes Into Hangar at Addison Airport

Preliminary investigation report will take about two weeks to complete, NTSB says

What to Know

  • Two crew members and eight passengers were killed when a twin-engine plane crashed into a hangar.
  • The aircraft departed Addison for St Petersburg, Florida, before crashing during takeoff.
  • NTSB investigating; a preliminary investigation report could take two weeks to complete.

All 10 people aboard a plane that crashed into a hangar at Addison Airport in Addison, Texas, Sunday morning have died, according to an official with the National Transportation Safety Board.

A twin-engine Beechcraft BE-350 King Air crashed just after 9 a.m. Sunday,  killing two crew members and eight passengers on board, NTSB Vice Chair Bruce Landsberg said.

The Federal Aviation Administration said the plane had just taken off for St. Petersburg, Florida, when it crashed into the private hangar. There was no one inside the hangar at the time of the crash, but two aircraft, a helicopter and a jet were damaged, Landsberg said.

Texas Sky Ranger

The aircraft that crashed was destroyed by the fire, according to a statement sent out by the FAA. The hangar took damage from the impact of the crash and the fire after the fact.

The airport was closed for about 45 minutes after the crash, but operations then resumed as usual.

Investigators said the preliminary crash report would be completed in about two weeks, but it could take longer to complete the "heavy lifting."

NTSB officials deliver an update on the plane crash that killed 10 at Addison Airport Sunday morning.

The investigation will focus on the aircraft, the personnel, the environment and communication. The crew's experience and communications between the aircraft and air traffic control would be key, Landsberg said.

The NTSB said it could not confirm the experience of the flight crew or the cause of the crash.

The aircraft had apparently changed hands recently, but it was previously owned by a charter company based in Chicago, Landsberg said.

All 10 people aboard a plane that crashed into a hangar at Addison Airport Sunday morning have died, a town official says.

Dallas County was helping the city of Addison set up a family assistance center for people affected by the crash, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said. The center is staffed with chaplains, counselors and other mental health and support workers, he said.

"It's a horrible, sad, shocking thing to lose a family member like this," Jenkins told The Associated Press. "So we're doing whatever we can to comfort them."

NTSB investigators arrived at the airport around 7 p.m. Sunday. They asked that anyone who witness the crash or has video of it to email them at witness@ntsb.gov.

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NBC 5's Catherine Park, Maria Guerrero, Tim Ciesco and Chris Blake contributed to this report.

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