Sneak Peek: Trailer for “Sarah Palin's Alaska” Reality Show

Meghan McCain does not approve

Will Sarah Palin be the first reality television star to become president?

We'll find out in two years. In the meantime, she'll be halfway there on Nov. 14 when her TLC show "Sarah Palin's Alaska" debuts. The program will run for eight weeks, following Sarah and her clan up mountains, down rivers and on to the back deck of her Anchorage home.

In a new clip for the show, the Thrilla from Wasilla has her folksiness levels cranked up to 11.

"Oh, gosh," the 46-year-old chirps, while climbing a gorgeous, snow-packed mountain. "We are somewhere that people -- ahhhhhh -- dream about."

It will be interesting to see how many viewers follow her up the hill. A CBS News poll from earlier this month pegged her favorability at 22 percent. That could actually help with reality TV fans who love a good train wreck.

At least one critic has already expressed concern that small-screen stardom may not be appropriate for a potential leader of the free world.

“I don’t know if doing a reality show is necessarily the most presidential behavior,” Meghan McCain said to Jay Leno in September, before adding: “But Obama made anything possible so I don’t know.”

Palin fans likely see things a little differently. This could, after all, be seen as merely the modern version of Ronald Reagan's run from the big screen to the Oval Office.

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