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‘SNL': De Niro Returns as Mueller, Sandra Oh Hosts

As the furor surrounding Mueller's report and Barr's summary grows, "SNL" called back two of their star impersonators

After a short hiatus, “Saturday Night Live” returned, instantly diving into the Attorney General William Barr’s much-talked-about summary of Robert Mueller’s report. Barr provided a four-page summary of Mueller’s 300 page report, leaving many disappointed and demanding to see the full report.

Robert De Niro reprised his role as Special Counsel Robert Mueller while Alec Baldwin returned as a tweeting Trump. “SNL” highlighted the contrast of perspectives on the report by showing De Niro finalizing his report, Aidy Bryant’s William Barr lazily summarizing and Baldwin’s Trump tweeting about it.

Canadian-American actress Sandra Oh hosted the show this week, giving an opening monologue that explored her identity and the various caveats that come with it.

Oh claimed that her compliment-taking and bragging skills were hindered by her being Canadian, but she is joined by Leslie Jones to learn about American confidence and how to brag correctly.

Colin Jost and Michael Che returned chock-full of their usual witty one-liners as they recalled some of the wackiest stories in recent news.

The duo filled their “Weekend Update” segment with takes on Apple’s new credit card, Patriots star Rob Gronkowski’s retirement and actor Nic Cage’s annulment.

Psychedelic Australian band Tame Impala performed as the musical guest. The band debuted two new singles including “Patience,” their first single in 4 years.

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