Soak While Enjoying the Sir Francis Drake's High Tide Tea

Enjoy a proper nibble while you, or you and a friend, soak in the tub.

STEEPING IN THE TUB? It's a way of phrasing that, for some bathtub buffs, is practically interchangeable with "soaking." And that makes sense, for a person can feel very much like a human-sized tea bag, sans the string and little square piece of paper at the end, the moment they step into a warm bath. And it isn't unusual to pair your own steeping with a cup of steeping tea in that sublime setting, and perhaps a sweet snack, too (science will one day prove such delicacies only up the pleasure of this particular ritual). But how often do you indulge in a tea-bath tradition that resembles afternoon tea, or high tea, rather than simply microwaving a cup of hot water and tossing in a bag before you head to the tub? For most of us, that answer is probably "never," quite sadly. But be not sad, for the...

SIR FRANCIS DRAKE HOTEL, the stately San Francisco icon, now has a brand-new High Tide Tea, a tea that was expressly created to enjoy while simultaneously enjoying the tub. You can choose Tea for One or Tea for Two, should you plan on sharing your bath time with someone special, and you can expect to indulge in a host of goodies, including finger sandwiches made right in-house, scones (naturally), and the recently introduced "beauty-oriented" tea line from The Republic of Tea (think blends involving chamomile, lavender, and other tempting herbs). As for what goes in the water, as in the water that's surrounding you, and not the water in your cup? A Bath Bomb Cube Set from Yuzu Soap is part of the High Tide Tea presentation.

RATES... begin at $204 per night. Are you such a tea fan that you've sipped a cuppa in loads of places, from your own couch to fancy tearooms to outdoor gardens? We do doff our hat in admiration. But have you had a tea service-inspired nosh in a bathtub inside one of San Francisco's most historic hotels? It may be time to finally steep, er, step inside that wonderful dream.

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