Jamie Anderson Shares “Precious” Letter From Super Cute Fan

The fan mail from a girl named Leanne praises the 23-year-old slopestyle star for being “really amazing.”

U.S. snowboarder Jamie Anderson took to Twitter Tuesday to share “the most precious letter from a little girl named Leanne,” posting a picture of colorful correspondence adorned with stars, hearts and Olympic rings.

The fan mail from Leanne Phan, a second-grader at Baker Elementary in San Jose, Calif., praises the 23-year-old slopestyle star for being “really amazing.”

“I hope you go high and do lots of tricks and do a really good job and do a nice job on the USA team,” the letter, dated Jan. 21, reads.

Leanne, who decorated the letter with stars between each word, also marvels at their shared interest in biking and offers some advice and a bit of luck for Anderson, who won the gold in the first-ever slope style snowboarding competition over the weekend. At the bottom of the letter, the girl attached a picture framed by hearts and a penny covered with a bear sticker.

"You are really good at slopestyle snowboarding," Leanne writes. “Rub the penny to get good luck."

Editor's note: An earlier version of this story misspelled Phan's last name.

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