Sony Plans to Beat Apple to a Revolutionary New TV


A few rumors have gone around suggesting Apple's going to revolutionize the TV with Siri and Sony's already quaking in its boots. Sony CEO Howard Stringer says it's already building a "different kind of TV set" to "compete with Steve Jobs." Does that mean Sony's "cracked the TV" too as the late Steve Jobs told Walter Isaacson in his biography?

According to the Wall Street Journal, Sony's Stringer said that the company is losing money on every single TV it makes. To stop the bleeding, it's going to start creating better synergy between products from within. Looking ahead Sony's going for a "four-screen strategy" that involves concentrating on the PC, smartphone, tablet and TV.

Stringer didn't detail what specs a "new kind of TV" would have, either, so it's really just chatter right now. It could be a TV with Siri-like voice controls, or a touchscreen TV, or something completely brand new. It could be glasses-free 3D. It could be anything!

What's interesting is that Sony's building a new TV to defend itself against a product that's merely vaporware. The real Apple iTV (or whatever it's real name will be) is just a rumor or prototype. And just because there are rumors that Apple is working on an iTV, doesn't mean it'll ever be released — much like that MacBook Pro with the 3G antenna that never saw the light of day.

I guess even after his death, Steve Jobs is still keeping every tech company on its toes. Man, that guy.

WSJ, via Mashable

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