Sorry, Apple, Techies Don’t Work in the ‘Burbs


Tech professionals like most younger workers love city life, so how are Silicon Valley companies in the suburbs supposed to recruit them? According to a recent report, tech giants such as Apple and Facebook whose headquarters are centered in the Silicon Valley sprawl may be missing out on top talent who want a downtown experience. 

The new Apple campus is a glass and steel ring of design innovation, but it's also in Cupertino, Calif. and a long way from San Francisco's cultural and arts scene, according to Wired. Because of this, Apple is finding it harder to recruit top talent who would rather work in the city.

Perhaps this is the reason that Google has begun to buy office space in San Francisco, to keep up with many other companies such as Dropbox, Square, Pinterest and Twitter that make San Francisco their homes. Wired also cites a recent report that of the 26 private tech startups valued at $1 billion or more, more than a third reside in San Francisco.

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That said, it's not rocket science to assume a single 20-something is going to want to live in a big city rather than the suburbs filled with married couples and kids -- so is that enough reason why people won't be attracted to Apple? Likely not. 
Apple and its platform can be something bordering on religion, and those that believe in it will find working at Apple the pinnacle of his or her career. Steve Jobs' legacy is more than just a building, but building a global and lucrative brand.
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