South Korea Blasts K-Pop at North Over Nuclear Test

South Korea responded on Friday to a nuclear test conducted by its northern neighbor by blasting Korean pop music toward the isolated rogue nation, an official said, NBC News reported.

"We are sending out K-pop and information about life in South Korea as well as about North Korea," a South Korean military official told NBC News. South Korea had warned the broadcasts would resume.

North Korea was internationally condemned after it conducted a suspected nuclear test that it claimed was a hydrogen bomb — a claim that if true would mean a significant advancement of its nuclear abilities.

But U.S. and other officials expressed deep skepticism about the claims. The seismic event recorded during Wednesday's test, a magnitude of 5.1, is similar to those recorded during earlier nuclear tests conducted by North Korea, experts said.

South Korea has broadcast propaganda messages from loudspeakers towards North Korea in the past. The two nations have technically been at war since the 1950s.

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