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South San Francisco Officer Hit in Head by Skateboard Identified as 12-Year Veteran, Father

A South San Francisco police officer who was left in critical condition Thursday after being hit in the head by a suspect's skateboard was identified Friday, police said.

The violent attack started around 2:20 p.m. Thursday near the 300 block of Grand Avenue when officer Robby Chon, a 12-year veteran of the force, attempted to approach a suspect reportedly disturbing the peace at a local business, police said. The suspect, who was later identified as Luis Alberto Ramos-Coreas, a 28-year-old resident of South Francisco, did not yield to the officer's commands, prompting Chon to call for backup.

When a second officer arrived, Ramos-Coreas took off from the scene on foot, according to police. During a subsequent chase, Ramos-Coreas immediately came to a screeching halt, pivoted and smacked Chon in the head with the skateboard.

South San Francisco Police Department
Robby Chon

Chon, who is married with two children, was transported to a local hospital with a "major head injury" and taken into the operating room, police said.

"The officer underwent emergency surgery for traumatic head injuries," police said in a press conference Friday. "He remains hospitalized in critical condition at this time."

The second officer on scene was able to detain Ramos-Coreas after another brief foot pursuit, police said. Ramos-Coreas was booked on suspicion of numerous felony charges, including attempted murder of a law enforcement officer.

Ramos-Coreas does have a history of "criminal contacts" with police, but the specifics of those run-ins were not detailed by officials.

South San Francisco Mayor Mark Addiego said Friday that this attack is unacceptable.

"This city will not tolerate violence of any nature directed against its police forces," he said.

Since the assault, a GoFundMe campaign to support Chon and his family gathered over $20,000 in just three hours. That donation number is expected to grow.

Officials are currently investigating the attack. Anyone with information is asked to contact the South San Francisco Police Department at (650) 877-8900 or the anonymous tip line at (650) 952-2244.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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