“Spiderman 4” Is Dead

"Spiderman 4," which has been slowly imploding with script problems, casting issues and release date drama, is officially dead in the water.

Director Sam Raimi, feeling he couldn't realistically meet Sony's 2011 release date, has pulled out of the project triggering Sony co-chairman Amy Pascal and Columbia Pictures president Matt Tolmach to scrap everything.

Rather than find a new director, they've decided to take a page from J.J. Abrams' playbook and reboot the franchise from scratch with a new director and cast in 2010. That means even getting a new Spidey.

While some are mourning the loss mightily, we were never convinced of Tobey Maguire's merits as Spiderman and, as the series wore on, Raimi's exuberance for the property seemed exhausted. A fresh take might be just what the films needed.

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