Square's Hairy Apple Connection

Jack Dorsey has already drawn some comparisons to Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Wednesday the co-founder of Twitter and the CEO of Square revealed just how much of an impact Apple has had on his rise to tech elite.

Dorsey was speaking with All Things D's Kara Swisher at an event put on by the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, where he was honored with the young entrepreneur of the 21st Century Visionary award.

During a conversation that focused on the past and future of both Twitter and Square, Dorsey revealed what the original name of his credit card processing company was.

Dorsey said Square was originally going to be named Squirrel but during a fateful lunch with Apple SVP of iPhone Software Scott Forstall in the cafe that Jobs built, he saw a point-of-sale system developed by a company called Squirrel Systems.

But he also claims the original design for Square was made of wood and it was shaped like an acorn. So take it for what it's worth.

If nothing else came out of the meeting, Dorsey was forced to change the name of his soon-to-be company from Squirrel to Square, which has a much better ring to it. And makes a lot more sense considering what the device actually looks like.

The meeting seems to have left a lasting Apple impression on Dorsey.

Not only does Square look like something dreamed up out of Steve Jobs lab -- with the sleek box paying homage to the white iBook and the original iPod -- but on Monday Dorsey also announced a new feature that will allow Square users to turn their iPads into cash registers.

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