Burglary Suspects Found Many Stars' Homes Unlocked

Alleged burglars used basic internet skills to plan break-ins

Privacy-seeking celebs should have seen this expose coming.

The cabal of suspected teen burglars who took to Hollywood homes to nab pricey items from the stars apparently were able to gain access to the goods because stars left their doors unlocked, according ot a search warrant released in the case and obtained by People.com.

Megan Fox, Paris Hilton and Rachel Bilson were among the eight stars allegedly burglarized by the group, which was accused of stealing a reported $3 million in celebrity swag from the homes of the rich and famous.

Orlando Bloom and Lindsay Lohan were among those targeted.

The group allegedly used basic internet skills to help them in their thieving endeavors -- searching for stars' addresses and when they'd be away from their homes, according to the warrant. 

The document includes a reported confession from suspect Nicholas Prugo, 18, who said a second suspect, Rachel Lee, 19, was the "driving force" behind the string of burglaries and that she wanted to "own the designer wardrobes of the Hollywood celebrities she admired," the warrant states.

So far, $2 million in loot has been located by police, but authorities say there is much more to be recovered.

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