The Ratchet: We Have a Budget. Now What?

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It’s like Christmas in Sacramento.

Everyone is getting what they want. At least the politicians are.

The voters are too (well, sort of).

As much as voters ever get what they really want.

They demanded a budget on time, and they got it.

It may be a Democratic biased plan that some GOP legislators like George Runner have already labeled as a sham, but it’s a budget nonetheless.

The Democrats got what they wanted. The Dems have the majority in Sacramento, and now that we got rid of that pesky two-thirds hurdle, majority rules.

So you would think the GOP is unhappy. Republicans shouldn’t be.

They will distance themselves from this spending plan at a time when a new Field Poll shows Californians' growing distaste for the taxes Governor Jerry Brown says are critical to our state’s future.

So critical that the temporary taxes are extended in this budget until the fall, when voters can decide to keep them alive.

The new poll indicates voters won’t, and that will give the Republicans even more clout as they pursue a no-new-taxes future.

So the GOP should raise a glass to the Democrats.

The state has a budget, the GOP may soon have more juice, and all the legislators keep drawing that paycheck.

Unless you’re one of those unfortunates to face even deeper cuts from Sacramento, what’s not to like about this budget?

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