Stephen Colbert Debuts “Downton Abbey Breaking Bad”

Goodness gracious: What would Maggie Smith's Lady Violet say about this?

Stephen Colbert was mighty miffed that Michelle Obama pulled some first lady-esque strings and was able to score an advance copy of Downton Abbey's third season, which is still set to air stateside on Jan. 6.

So the satirist, who has yet to watch the new season himself, did the next best thing: He decided to send up the series with his own version!

But, true to form, the wry funnyman put his own spin on the spoof, mashing up the hit period drama with Breaking Bad to create--drumroll, please--Breaking Abbey!

Michelle Obama scores a Downton Abbey perk: an advance copy of season three

In a coup of sorts, he was even able to nail down plum appearances by a trio of Downton dudes: Hugh Bonneville, Jim Carter and Rob James-Collier.

We won't spoil anything for you, but this much we can say: Who knew that blue-blooded "meth" production (by way of "the black chamomile crank," no less) could be so...genteel.

Here's hoping that President Barack Obama scores an advance copy of Homeland--this way, Colbert &Co. can bring us the inevitable mashup: Modern Homeland! Can't wait to see Sofia Vergara take on Claire Danes!

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