Steve Jobs Predicted iPhone, Street View in 1986

Jobs explains how he intends to build the most valuable company in the world.


Before building Apple into the most valuable company on the planet, Steve Jobs had to convince product designers that "computers" would be "important" to "consumers."

He did just that in 1986 in a speech to the Center for Design Innovation, highlighted by Matthew Panzarino at The Next Web.

The many points Jobs makes are prescient as well as being a business plan and product road map. He discusses and explains how people were adapting to "fractional horsepower computing" -- or desktops.

[Click here to hear the entire speech.]

"People are going to suck this stuff up so fast it won't matter what it looks like," he said. "We have a shot at putting a great object there, or, if we don't, we're going to put another piece of junk object there."

Another fun prediction: people will use their computers up to "three hours a day." (Computer junkies and gamers now look away in shame...)

Mobile computing is mentioned (iPhone), as are virtual street views (Google), collapsible cars (not quite yet) and email (way too successful).

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