Steven, the New Emoji Social App

For those who can't get enough of emojis, those Japanese ideograms that have popped up in messaging applications -- there's now Steven, a new social app where you can communicate your location and activities with the smiley images.

The new app was created by Abdur Chowdhury, Twitter's former chief scientist (he was the cofounder of Summize which was sold to Twitter in 2008) and his company, Pushd, according to TechCrunch. Chowdhury's company has a few million in investment, but this is the first app to be launched publicly.
The app works because Chowdhury says that it does what Twitter no longer does -- keep track of what your friends are actually doing. And that's what Chowdhury says that Steven does. (Steven is the name of a cat of one of the app's developers.) The app is supposed to work as a place to log one's life. 
Steven tracks where you are and suggests and records an emoji. If you’re shopping, maybe you’ll get a credit card emoji. At a coffee shop? A coffee cup is recorded. At work? A little computer may appear. At home? An emoji house.
Essentially, you can check-in with friends and also exchange photos, all with added emojis and perhaps a brief comment. For users, this means mainly seeing one's life mapped out using pastel-colored images.
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