Steven Tyler Rips “Celebrity Rehab” in New Book

In his new memoir "Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?", rocker Steven Tyler has some unkind words for the reality series "Celebrity Rehab" and its host Dr. Drew Pinsky.

Citing a situation involving former Guns 'N Roses drummer Steven Adler, Tyler rips into the show for staging incidents and creating an environment where backslides are all too easy.

"They wanted [Adler] to act out his own messed-up state when he entered rehab. It was ghoulish and unreal. They gave him 30 grand for the episode, he snorted it all, crashed his car, and he ended up in jail detox," claims Tyler.

"It didn't seem to me all that ethical using actual f****ed-up people like Steven Adler in a reality show, but who am I to say?" continues Tyler.  "Not to mention getting trashed celebrities to mime their own self-destructive nosedives which they then sensationalize on a melo-f***ing-dramatic reality show, which so traumatizes them they end up in worse shape than ever — from the drugs they bought with the money from the show."

Tyler ends by Pinksy's methods as "psychopharmalogical dogma." 

The "American Idol" host recently opened up about his own drug use, claiming that Aerosmith's last album was derailed by Tyler's own excesses as well as those of bandmate Joe Perry.

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