Still Smoking: “Mad Men” Heats Up for Season Finale

The drinking, cheating and chain-smoking continues as "Mad Men" airs its two-hour season finale on Sunday, June 10 at 10/9C on AMC. Click through to catch up on what happened this season and what lies ahead.

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This season of "Mad Men" is winding down, but the action is just heating up. After a jaw-dropping penultimate episode, we can only guess at what comes next. Click to see some highlights from this season (as well as seasons past) as we eagerly await the finale Sunday on AMC.
Copywriter Peggy Olsen’s “I quit” moment to Don Draper was one of the top moments of the season. Elisabeth Moss’ long-undervalued character walked out on Sterling Draper Cooper Pryce, having taken a job with a competing ad agency. “Mad Men” fans hope the career move doesn’t mean Peggy’s off the show for good, a possible outcome hinted at by co-star Jared Harris (Lane Pryce) in an interview.
Megan Draper’s flirty “Zou Bisou Bisou” serenade at Don Draper’s 40th birthday party was another classic “Mad Men” season five moment. Actress Jessica Paré didn’t just captivate Draper this season, but the rest of us too. Draper’s one-time secretary proved her creative chops by saving the Heinz account but quit to pursue her acting dreams.
Don’s ex-wife Betty Draper-Francis (January Jones, left) struggled with her weight in season five. Betty and Megan mined the awkwardness of their relationship to full effect when Betty came to pick up her daughter Sally from Megan and Don’s Manhattan pad.
Lane Pryce (Jared Harris) nearly got away with forging a check to cover a loan. After Pryce was caught, Don Draper gave the Brit a shot at a second act by allowing him to resign from the firm without having his secret exposed. Lane took his own life instead in his office in the season's shocking penultimate episode.
Joan Harris (Christina Hendricks) became a partner this season at a tremendous cost: selling herself to win the Jaguar account.
Ken Cosgrove (Aaron Stanton) and his wife Cynthia Cosgrove (Larisa Oleynik), and Pete Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser) and his wife Trudy Campbell (Alison Brie) celebrate Don’s birthday. It was a great season for Pete Campbell professionally, excluding the moment Lane Pryce punched him out at work. Pete remains as reckless as ever. Exhibit A: His dalliance with the wife of a train acquaintance.
Roger Sterling (John Slattery) took LSD with his trophy wife Jane Sterling (Peyton List) and the pair (at least Roger) realized it was time to get divorced.
Jon Hamm, the handsome womanizer Don Draper, directed the two-hour season premiere, according to the Hollywood Reporter. He followed in the footsteps of his TV-show boss, John Slattery, who directed episodes 4 and 12 of season four.
What's next for the "Mad Men" crew? We'll find out on Sunday's season finale.
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The drama didn't end in between seasons four and five. Elizabeth Moss finalized her divorce from "SNL" comedian Fred Armisen during the break. "[I] very much enjoy being single and all that that brings," the 29-year-old actress told Us Weekly
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"I didn't get into the business to be a model. I can get dressed up and wear something sexy any night of the week," Moss told the New York Post, speaking of her somewhat mousy character. "I would much rather have an interesting character to play."

After a long negotiation, "Mad Men" was finally renewed through its seventh season. “I love going to work, so in that sense I could play Don for 100 years,” Hamm told Entertainment Weekly. 
In the Season 4 finale, Don asks Megan to accompany him to Disneyland with his kids as a nanny, but ends up proposing to her. "This is a story about how hard it is for [Don]," creator Matthew Weiner said in the Times. "His morality is conflicting. It’s situational, which is the disease of the 20th century."
Betty Francis, once Betty Draper, stands in Sally's now empty room. She mirrors Don in that she only wants to start fresh, in a new location, which was why she and her husband Henry move to Rye.
Goodbye to all that: Betty and Don have one last drink in their old Ossining home, as they both try to make a fresh start of it with other people.
Every character had some sort of challenge this season -- Don with his identity (as usual), Joan with her marriage, Roger with his usefulness at SCDP, and Betty, learning how to parent Sally, though she is often no better than a child.
Don started out the fourth season batchin' it up in a dark and surprisingly dank Greenwich Village apartment. His children, especially Sally, became taken with his secretary Megan, which could have helped Don decide that she was the one he wanted to marry.
Betty started the fourth season off with a new husband, Henry Francis, in her old house in Ossining that Don still paid for. "We're moving," she announced to the family, and by the season finale, Mrs. Francis tries to completely forget her past life by relocating.
Sally's friendship with the often odd Glen Bishop is the last straw for Betty. "Why do you hate me?" he asks her, ultimately leading Betty to fire Carla, Sally and Bobby's nanny, only for letting Glenn into Sally's room. Tough love, Betty.
A surprise to no one, Don's womanizing ways continue. He kicked off season four dating the Betty look-alike Bethany Van Nuys. Soon after, he sparked a romance with Dr. Faye Miller, a psychologist working for SCDP. Though it's arguably the healthiest relationship he's been in, he can't help but propose to his secretary Megan, the woman who makes him feel most like himself (or so he says). Faye makes a dignified and sarcastic exit.
Of all the women in Don's life, Anna, the first Mrs. Don Draper, is the one who knows him best. Anna succombs to cancer, leaving Don even more alone as his life grows increasingly uncertain.
Peggy steps in to fill the void that Anna left behind. But, that doesn't stop her from exploring bohemia with Joyce, an assistant photo editor at Life magazine.
She even finds romance with Abe, an opinionated writer.
Joan's arrogant (and sometimes abusive) husband Greg leaves for Vietnam. While he's away, Joanie had a slip up with old flame Roger Sterling, leading to an unwanted pregnancy.
After spending some quality time with Roger Sterling, Joan discovers that she's pregnant and plans to "take care of it." She didn't, but rather than taking up with wise-cracker Roger, she tells Greg the child is his.
Joans not the only one knocked up. Pete Campbell and wife Trudy welcome a baby girl as the agency erupts in crisis.
Don takes extreme measures in this season to ensure SCDP won't go under, including taking out a full page ad in the Times insulting Lucky Strike and the tobacco industry.
Don's win at the Clio's for his Glo-Coat ad was one of the few highpoints in a rather bleak year at SCDP.
The agency loses their long-time client Lucky Strike -- a client that represented more than half of the fledging company's business. Roger hid the news from the partners, hoping it would be fixed.
Ida Blakenship, former hellcat, once lover of Roger Sterling, and infinite punishment to Don via Joan for damaging another young secretary, dies at her desk. Team Blankenship forever!
For Burt Cooper, Don's stunt in the Times was the last straw. He asked for his shoes and left.
EMPTY_CAPTION"The show has ably proven over the first three seasons that people don’t really change their ways," series star Jon Hamm said recently.
Certainly, Hamm's character has proven painstakingly consistent in his approach to adultery: early and often. He was hot for Sally's teacher, played by Abigail Spencer, in Season 3.
In Season 2, it was a comedian's wife, Bobbie Barrett, that Don had gotten tied up with.
Don took a lot of long lunches to visit his beatnik mistress, played by Rosemarie DeWitt, in Season 1.
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Hamm's real life love is actress and screenwriter Jennifer Westfeldt. "We may not have a piece of paper that says we're husband and wife, but after 10 years, Jennifer is more than just a girlfriend," Hamm told the NY Post.
By the end of season 3, Don's wife, Betty, had had enough. Hooked on an adviser to New York Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller, she announced plans to dissolve their marriage.
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In real life, it was a car crash January Jones walked away from. After her automobile became entangled in single car accident in June 2010, she reportedly hoofed it home before eventually returning to meet with cops.
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JJ's been out and about with a number of the entertainment world's bright lights, including reported trysts with Adrien Brody and Jeremy Piven. Recently, she was dating "SNL" comedian Jason Sudeikis, but the bicoastal couple split in January.
At the close of Season 3, Sterling Cooper has been sold off to another firm, and the maddest three men in the office — Roger Sterling, Don, and Bert Cooper — set out to start their own firm.
Pete Campbell, the most loathsome (or complex) member of the regular cast, was coming up in the world. By casting his lot with Don at the end of Season 3, he seemed to have resuscitated his flagging marriage to Trudy.
The new firm reversed Joan's fortunes in Season 4. The red-headed stunner, played by Christina Hendricks, was resigned to the peripheries of Season 3, trying to make a life with her dunder-headed doctor husband.
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With Joan back in the office, we got another season of watching the boys' tongues loll.
In real life, the red-headed stunner is hitched to Hollywood bit player Geoffrey Arend.
Hendricks spent her time between Mad Men Seasons 3 and 4 steaming up the cover of Esquire.
Silver-tongued Roger Sterling is one of the most lovable devils in the ad business. After spatting with Don for much of Season 3, the two returned as comrades-in-arms to start their new ad firm together.
EMPTY_CAPTION"It's all the hijinks. It picks up where it left off and gets better and better and better," John Slattery told USA Today of Season 4. "It follows the logical line. Don gets divorced. We open a new business. Beyond that I'm sworn to secrecy."
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The male cast all grew beards between Seasons 3 and 4, which Slattery said was "coincidence. A mass coincidence!" When asked to comment on Jon Hamm's beard, Slattery said, "His beard is full of testosterone. It's almost like he's taking steroids."
Season 1 breakout star Elisabeth Moss, playing Peggy, took a back seat in Season 3, but had a much bigger presence in Season 4.
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During the off-season, Moss stayed very busy. She starred with Russell Brand and Jonah Hill in the laddish comedy "Get Him to the Greek."
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Christina Hendricks wasn't the only cast member to get married that fall: Moss tied the knot with "SNL" cast member Fred Armisen. However the happy couple didn't stay happy for long, and have since finalized their divorce.
Moss said of Season 4: "One of the things that is exciting is that it feels like there are no rules now."
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Perhaps the most shocking off-season move came from Crista Flanagan, who plays the dowdy secretary who accidentally chopped off a foot in Season 3.
Crista stripped down to business casual for the August cover of Playboy.
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