“Stink-Free” Yoga Wear

Michelle Huynh is a “Yoga Mom” in every sense.

When she’s not practicing poses at home, she teaches classes for moms and their babies but her outfit is always pretty much the same.

"I would guess that most of my students, I would guess that what they're wearing to class they're probably wearing all day," said Huynh.

Huynh said her so-called uniform looks like this: comfy pants and a loose shirt.

"I wore this to teach, and I'm going to wear it all day. It's very comfortable," she said.

And she’s not alone.

A lot of women these days are health conscious spend a lot of time with their kids and want to work out but not look like it.

"People are going to the yoga studio and then the gym and they want something that's really functional that they can wear to the grocery store afterwards or to go pick up their kids," said Anna Wojcik with Lululemon.

Yogo-wear retailer Lululemon has introduced a “stink-free” line of yoga fashions with silver in the yarn. The company claims the clothing not only wicks away sweat but also squelches odor-causing bacteria too.

"Because silver naturally has antibacterial properties, so it's going to keep your clothing form retaining that musty worked out in smell, and I have here a pair of crops and you can't even tell they have the silver thread, kind of woven in, but its going to keep your clothing from getting stinky in the long run," said Wojcik.

That’s good news for Traci Jackson, mother of two, who wears similar outfits all the time.

"I get up at 4:45, I hit a class at 5:15, I get home, balls rolling already, so I don't have time to change. So I like an outfit that I can put on to work out, and still look good the rest of the day, and not look like a sweaty mess," Jackson said.

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