Kentucky Community Joins Search for Suspect in Brutal Therapy Pig Beatings

A rash of strange killings and acts of cruelty involving animals has pet owners in Kentucky worried.

Two of Sunnie Howell's therapy pigs were the latest victims.

Two of her three pet pigs were brutally beaten, and now she's trying to draw connections with similar abuse cases in the area, NBC affiliate WAVE reported.

"If it's not one person doing this then we have several sick sadistic people," Howell says.

Howell said she returned home from dinner with her husband Thursday and went to check on the pigs - Honey, Pigrawk and their baby Gypsy. All were trained therapy pigs that visit nursing homes and children who need them most.

"When I came to the gate and I didn't hear them it didn't register at that point," Howell explained. "Usually when I rattle the gate you start hearing them talk." 

That's when she discovered something had gone terribly wrong.

Both Honey and Pigrawk were bloodied and battered beyond belief.

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