Study: Recycling Car Parts Could Have Huge Impact

By recycling steel fenders for new cars, the world's airliners could fly almost 100 million miles alone with the energy saved, according to a new study by the University of Colorado for the United Recyclers Group.

"The CU study estimates that nearly 11 million vehicles are taken off the road in America each year when they reach their so called 'End of Life' (EOL)," said Michelle Alexander, URG executive director, in the report. "This process of attrition is caused by accidents and also occurs as vehicles age. There are tremendous quantifiable environmental and financial benefits for consumers that are provided by the green American automobile recycling industry as these vehicles are processed both for the reuse of certain parts (known as 'green parts') and recycling of most of the remainder."

Alexander went on to say that already, thanks to the auto recycling industry, auto manufacturers have begun to lower their carbon footprint, reduce energy consumption, and mine and refine less materials.

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