Sundance Champ “Like Crazy” Opening This Fall

When you take the top prize at Sundance and your female lead is awarded a Special Jury Prize, it's a safe bet that you're going to get an awards-season release.

"Like Crazy,"from writer-director Drake Dorewmus ("Douchebag") and starring Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones as a young couple kept apart by the Atlantic Ocean, visa problems and a few other dalliances, is being released by Paramount Vantage on Oct. 28.

Of the all the films we saw at Sudance this year, "Like Crazy" was easily our favorite, and of the ones we missed, only "Another Earth" enjoyed similar buzz on the streets of Park City, Utah.

Some unfairly dismissed "Like Crazy" as "'Blue Valentine' light," but "like Crazy" is a very different relationship drama with a very different message. And it's not as good as "Blue Valentine," but that's hardly a criticism.

Paramount bought the film for a modest $4 million, but a big payday is hardly guaranteed. Looking back at the previous decades Grand Jury Prize winners out of Sundance, only "Precious" managed to crack $9. But Yelchin and Jones are future stars and the home video rights alone will no doubt make this a sound investment.

Yelchin has a big year ahead of him, with "The Beaver" out May 20 and showing at Cannes, "The Smurfs" out July 29, and his remake of "Fright Night," co-starring Colin Farrell, out Aug. 19.

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