Sunday, November 22, 2009: American Music Awards

I've always hated the American Music Awards the least of all the music awards shows. It doesn't showboat as much as the Grammys, it has less screaming and Twilight than MTV's VMAs, it somehow seems slightly less pointless than the Billboard Music Awards -- it's just perfectly innocuous, hanging out there at the end of the year, minding its own business.

This year's show does actually seem to have some special stuff going on, though. Yes, Taylor Swift will win everything, and that has become quite tiresome, but in addition to that, Adam Lambert is performing, and promising that it will be very "sexy" (gasp!), Miley Cyrus is not, JLo will be performing, and so will Whitney Houston, and they're always hilarious, and my little country artists who could, Gloriana, actually have a shot at Best Breakthrough Artist, so overall I have little to complain about in regards to the AMAs. I'm still watching football instead, but good for you, American Music Awards! I didn't have to resort to making up crap about you to fill out this post.

The American Music Awards are on ABC tonight at 8 PM.

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