Sunset’s Savor the Central Coast

Beautiful Santa Margarita Ranch is the setting for the Sunset sup fest.

Savor the Central Coast

SUPPING, SUNSET-STYLE: How are you when you get your monthly issue of Sunset magazine? We tend to snatch it from the mailbox and go directly to the nearest comfy seat, tasks and errands dismissed. Then we pore over each photo and each recipe and each succulent garden -- if we don't see a feature on succulent gardens in an issue of Sunset we're kind of bummed -- and dream of living the Sunset way. And one of the ways to be truly immersive in that special Sunset style of living is to attend Savor the Central Coast, a four-day food extravaganza that's co-presented by the publication and the San Luis Obispo Visitors & Conference Bureau. The second co-host is a bit of a giveaway as to where it takes place; it does indeed happen within shouting distance of SLO, and its centered around the beautiful Santa Margarita Ranch. And this year's dates? The perfect early fall stretch of Thursday, Sept. 27 through Sunday, Sept. 30.

CHEFS ON BOARD: There are a number of high-profile food events that are regular happenings around our state, and Savor the Central Coast is no different; it's a biggie on the calendar, meaning culinaires like Ted Allen, Aarti Sequeira, and Susan Feniger attend (they are indeed attending this year). Adventure tours, wine seminars, and, of course, demos are part of the extra long, extra delicious weekend; those will be ticketed differently, but things kick off at twenty bucks for the seminars. Oh, and we used the term "high-profile"; Savor the Central Coast is indeed top shelf, but we think of it as a more laid-back affair. After all, it is in SLO, which practically has a law about being overly revved up. One reason it is regularly billed as "The Happiest City in America," right?

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