Superman Comes to Nic Cage's Rescue, Nets Actor $2.1 Million

Sells comic book for record price.

Nic Cage's love of Superman is so deep that he named his own son Kal-El, the Man of Steel's birth name. Unfortunately, Cage's financial woes are so dire that he was recently forced to sell his most valuable Superman comic book for a record-setting price.

Cage sold at auction yesterday a near-pristine copy of Action Comics #1, which features the first appearance of Superman. Certified Guaranty Company, the comic industries leading grader gave Cage's copy a rating of 9.0, the highest of any known copy in existence.

"Yes, this is the highest graded copy in the CGC census. Yes, that's a pretty big deal. Yes, you should make a run at this incredible book." read the catalog description of the item.

The $2.1 million represents a hefty return on Cage's initial investment in 1997 of $150,000 for the comic. But the prized possession was stolen from Cage's home, along with several other highly valuable editions, in January 2000. Miraculously, it was recovered when an unidentified man found it among the contents of an abandoned storage locker in Southern California.

Unfortunately, the profit will likely go toward addressing the massive debts Cage has been struggling to get out from under since the IRS hit him with a $6.2 million bill for back taxes, and a number of his real estate deals have gone sour.

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