Swan by Oxnard's Steampunkiest Shindig

Don your goggles, and your Victorian get-up, for this weekend of creative cosplay.

YOUR FRIENDS? They frequently refer to you as "brassy," but they're not only talking about your fearless and fun personality. You're also brassy in the sense that that wear a lot of brass, from brass bracelets to brass spectacles to, yes, the brass-framed goggles sitting atop your noggin. You are brassy, in all meanings of the word, and your goggle-cool get-up reveals you also have a penchant for time travel, rousing adventure, and all things steampunk. Whether you're reading a favorite graphic novel, or shopping for a new velvet top hat, or beading a favorite bustle, you're brassily celebrating the world of steampunkery. But where to go to be among others who are devoted to costuming, and cosplay, and the whimsy inherent in this vintage-chic, cogs-and-airships universe?

OXNARD, of course, which pauses each fall to celebrate steampunk, and those who fancy the fanciful form. The 2019 Oxnard Steampunk Festival will land its proverbial hot air balloon at Oxnard's Heritage Square on Saturday, Oct. 26 and Sunday, Oct. 27. Well, in our dreams there's a balloon, but most participants, we imagine, will arrive by modern automobile or locomotive. Once there, there are plenty of to-dos to engage in, from a costume contest on both Saturday and Sunday to a merchant bazaar, to a riveting session of tea dueling. (Indeed, we just typed "tea dueling," which is most certainly a thing). One of the best parts of the pre-Halloween weekend? Getting to admire the...

ELABORATE OUTFITS... of fellow adventurers, from their beautifully tailored waistcoats to well-constructed corsets to all sorts of fine and feathery hats. Have you got a steampunk look that deserves some love? Board your own airship and turn it in the direction of Oxnard for some ye olde steampunkian high jinks, fellowship, and inspiration.

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