Sweet Sonoma County Farm Weekend

Blossoms, Bees & Barnyard Babies returns (commence cooing).

GOATS AND LAMBS IRL: No one would ever tell you not to add another baby animal site to your feed. Because clearly all of those frolicking piglets and napping ponies and and lil' lambs speak to something in we screen-facing humans, and that something is the need to behold furry, innocent lovekins throughout our day. Call it a connection to the wider natural world, or call it sheer heart-tug-ability, but seeing sweet little whiskery mugs just makes it obvious that this world is a marvel. But have you seen a little whiskery mug lately in an outdoors, barnyard-traditional setting? If it has been too long — perhaps since a school field trip back in the day — there is a way to remedy that in Sonoma County. It's the Blossoms, Bees & Barnyard Babies weekend, and it jumps, with all the pep of a young goat leaping onto a bale of hay, into the last weekend of April 2017. So best plan on making for the farms of the Sonoma County Farm Trails on...

APRIL 29 AND 30, when all of the lambs and goats and bunnies and chicks and piglets and bees you normally see on a screen are right before your eyes, in and outside a variety of working barns. The two-day happening isn't just about baby critters (though, of course, they do have a knack for nabbing spotlights); visitors can learn about "...the origins of local food, and the amazing soils and systems that sustain the community." Tastings are part of the sunshiny scene, so prepare to mull over different honeys, cheeses, juices, and such. Food carts, country stores, and other shoppable stops will also play a role in filling out the full-as-a-picnic-hamper event.

AND BEEKEEPERS... will be about, too, to discuss the importance of those pollinating wonders on the wing. You may even spy a baby water buffalo, too — a squeal of delight seems appropriate here — and other farm-fantastic sights, the kind of sights that help visitors know lots more about the day-to-day world of working with animals and the land. "Most of the stops are FREE," says the web site, but best register for free, now. Should we also mention that "animal cuddling" is one of the joyful activities listed for the weekend? That's pretty much the utmost zenith of possible weekend to-dos, so here we shall stop, bow, and politely conclude this post.  

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