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‘Swimply' App Is the New Airbnb for Pools

Swimply is currently available in 26 states

It's like Airbnb but for pools. Swimply is a pool sharing platform that connects owners of private pools with people looking for a place to swim and hang out. 

The app has been growing in popularity especially in Los Angeles, where people who live in apartments often don't have a private pool.  

Mayra Campos's family celebrated a birthday having fun in the sun in a Swimply pool, something they couldn't have done in their small Koreatown apartment.  

"We were looking for a house to rent because we live in an apartment complex and we don't have a backyard," Campos said.  

Her family paid $480 for the full day, which was cheaper than renting a house. 

Edgar Liquidano rents his house through Airbnb and now rents his pool out through Swimply.  

"We have been doing Airbnb for three years and a half years more or less," said Liquidano. "We are pretty familiar for the concept, might as well give it a try."

He rents his space for about $50 an hour. Swimply takes a 15 percent cut. 

Beyond pool parties, Liquidano said his pool has been used for photo shoots. He said he has decorated his pool with more seating, plants and wind chimes to make the space more appealing to potential renters.  

Swimply is currently available in 26 states. 

In Swimply's terms of conditions, guests waive the right to sue Swimply or the host for injuries at the pool. However, Swimply does recommend hosts have a form of insurance on their property as Swimply does not act as an insurer. 

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