Take a Mushroom Walk in Mendocino County

Feast Mendocino! Festival makes for the loveliest 'n loamiest time of year around the region.

SPYING INTERESTING SIGHTS... while strolling through a wooded area? We hardly know what direction to look in, for the visual bounty is high. Over there, there's a mossy log, and up in the tree, there are chirping critters, and on that crest? Some sort of furry critter, a little deer, perhaps, is having a furtive snack. And beneath our feet and along our path? There are all sorts of fabulous fungi, the sort of shroom-tastic, straight-outta-the-earth offerings that add a deeper level of flavor to practically any dish. But how do we know which cap-rocking, low-to-the-ground goodies are meant to go home to our kitchen and which ones most certainly should stay put? There's always an info-packed...

MUSHROOM WALK, the kind of loamy leg-about found on the schedule at Feast Mendocino! Festival. The foodie party boasts several appetizing elements, but one of the most fascinating has to be the opportunity to follow a mushroom maven into the Mendo-pretty woods, all to learn about looking for oyster mushrooms and button mushrooms and the oodles of other shroomery that may be found in the area. But these forest adventures are just one part of the packed schedule, which also includes a mushroom feast on the Skunk Train, Mushroom Hunt horseback rides, mushroom ice cream, medicinal mushroom breakfasts, and a mushroom + Belgian beer dinner. 

OTHER ENTICING EVENTS... are on the roster, which flavorfully fills up the first ten days of November 2019. Is this the ultimate savory way to start the final sixth of the year? For shrure, which is how you spell "sure" when mushrooms are the main topic. 

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