Take Control of Your Time

Time is supposed to be on our side. But more and more, it feels like time is working against us. All too often we find ourselves glancing at the clock and thinking “I just don’t have enough time.”

Stephen Griffith, author of the book "The Time Cleanse," argues that we do, in fact, have plenty of time to do what we want. It’s how we use our time that is the problem.

"We’re being hijacked by our technology, people, toxic things around us that we’re not even aware of," Griffith said.

Time is a known quantity, he argues. There are the same number of minutes in every single day. The way to stop taking commands from time and start taking command of it through a concept he calls "timefullness."

"Timefullness is like mindfulness," he said. "It’s being present in the moment and really being aware and intentional with your time."

The core of timefullness is using time with purpose. We get there by identifying the things we want to be doing, as well as the things that we find ourselves doing instead.

"It’s about focusing on a positive relationship with time," Griffith said. "When we do that time becomes our ally, our supporter because most people are fighting against time."

Some of the methods he advises are simple – make your phone's screen black and white so it's less enticing – others are more holistic. All of it works toward the goal of treating time as a resource to be distributed as we please rather than a current we're constantly fighting against.

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