Did Taylor Swift Ask Jay Z Out to Brunch at the Grammys?

Are Taylor Swift and Jay Z becoming new best friends? 

Before posing for a photo with Kanye West at Sunday night's Grammys, Swift chatted up Jay Z and the "Only One" rapper. If you look at the video above, it looks like the singer is asking the "99 Problems" lyricist to brunch.

According to Defamer, the "Style" singer was saying, "I really want to go to brunch. I really want to go brunch!"

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After Jay Z politely nods in her direction, she continues to say, "Brunch!" while he keeps on nodding away.

After one final "brunch!" declaration, she turns around to pose with Kanye and Jay Z settles into his seat.

It is known Swift has her posse of seriously A-list gal-pals, but based on the footage above, Jay Z might be entering her inner circle.

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The two did hang out for the singer's birthday, along with a lot of other well known singers. You can see for yourself in the photo below. 


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