Teen Taught Tough Gang Lesson on Facebook Killed

Last January a fed up uncle took to Facebook to teach his nephew a hard lesson about bragging about gang life.

Last week, the uncle's warning proved to be too little too late. Michael Taylor, 16, of New Orleans was found shot to death on Dec. 7.

In the video, Taylor's uncle makes his nephew disavow any claims to gangs and he spanks him with a belt to help him remember to steer clear of gangs.

Then the uncle tells Taylor to post the video of the beating and disowning any gangs on his Facebook wall and he threatens to beat him again if he ever catches him involved with gangs again.

The video went viral and sparked several parodies on YouTube. But the uncle's message was no joke.

While some condemned his parenting method, others applauded him for trying to instill some discipline in his family member who had gone too far.

Hip hop legend Chuck D even took to Twitter to note the news.

"REMEMBER the uncle who gave his nephew a whipping on YOUTUBE because of gang ties, disturbing news for many critics," Chuck D tweeted.

Warning: The video contains graphic material and language.

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