Texas Pilot Proposes to Girlfriend on the Wings of Love

A painstaking message was crafted using his aircraft to spell out "marry me" in loopy letters that the prospective bride was surprised with when she checked the FlightAware path.

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Love is in the air with Nicholas Reynolds and Hannah Robertson in Bryan, Texas.

The two first met at a dance hall, KAGS reports.

"I had actually gone to dance with another friend of mine that night," Nicholas said. "While I was waiting on her to show up, Hannah actually came up to ask me to dance.”

Soon the two were an item.

Nicholas is a commercial pilot who just graduated from Texas A&M with an aerospace engineering degree in 2020. Hannah is in nursing major, who is set to graduate in 2021, KAGS reported.

“The first time he took me flying, we’d been dating a month," she said. "He took me on a sunrise flight in College Station and we looked down on Kyle Field.”

The couple talked about marriage, but Hannah didn't guess what idea took off in Reynolds’ mind.

Reynolds knew he had to make his proposal unique, so he surprised his bride by spelling out "marry me" in loopy letters with his aircraft.

The flight patten appeared on FlightAware, and when he was ready to pop the question, he showed his blushing bride.

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