California Art Biennial

J Pat Carter/AP

2010 CALIFORNIA BIENNIAL: The bold title, “the world’s biggest," may very well be a close tie with  “the only one of it’s kind,” in terms of eye-catchers and impressiveness.  This artsy event encompasses a large selection of the state’s most innovative contemporary visual artists.  It’s always such an honor to be in the midst of people whose minds work so very creatively.  The Biennial, which indicates its happenings every two years, is held at the Orange County Museum of Art and continues the museum’s four-decade-long record for introducing new developments in the state’s art world.  It’s also a venue for recognizing new artistic talent.  So keep your eye out for the next Jean-Michel Basquiat or Damien Hirst.

THIS YEAR:  Well, if it turns out to be anything like its 2008-version, which had works by more than 50 different artists and collaborated with venues from Northern Cali to Tijuana, you'll be far from dissapointed.  Expect energy, accomplishments and even, some surprises.  It’s happening right now, daily, until March 13, 2011. 

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