The 2011 Time 100: Who's On the List?

The year 2011 may only be a few months old, but Time magazine has already listed out their candidates for its most influential people.

Online voting - which kicked off today and ends April 14th - features not-at-all surprising names like Charlie Sheen, Kanye West, Gabrielle Giffords, Barack Obama, Glenn Beck, Snooki, and Betty White.

The poll started on a hopeful (and celebrity- and politics-free) note - Leading the pack early were the Fukushima Power Plant Workers, who are risking their lives daily to save Japan from nuclear meltdown.

However, within a few minutes, they were overtaken by Korean pop star Rain. Sigh.

We're sure Stephen Colbert (currently #21) will have a lot to say about this outrage.

Once again, voting goes on until April 14th. Go to to have your say.

Selected Reading: Time magazine, CNN. MediaBistro

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