The California State Fair Opens

California State Fair

FAIR TIME: There are two ways we want to talk about the California State Fair, which opened on Thursday, July 14 in Sacramento. On one hand, we'd like to let our general, fair-flavored excitement burble up. In other words, we'd like to explain the midway and the animals and the fried treats in the sweet way that a kid might on the way home to a parent. On the other hand, we want to be very highbrow and historically minded and talk about how the fair started in San Francisco in the middle of the 1800s and how it contributed to the growth of the Golden State in myriad ways. There's probably a middle ground here -- excitedly telling a parent loads of historic factoids, maybe -- but surely you want the details.

THOSE DETAILS: The fair, as we mentioned, opened on Thursday, July 14. It runs through Sunday, July 31, so it'll go for just over a fortnight (in other words, don't wait to go if you're gonna; we know some county fairs around the state stretch for the better part of a month). A general ticket is ten bucks, and parking is ten bucks. The location? Cal Expo. You'll also want some cash for rides and games and all of those neon-hued treats you intend to consume, yes? Okay. You're good to go. Happy historic fair time, California!

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