The City, Your Sweetheart, and a Cheap Date

Three Personality Hotels are offering Valentine's-cute deals.

SPELL IT OUT: There've been plenty of over-the-top science fiction films where a main plot point has to do with something hidden in some code. If only the swashbuckling hero or heroine could interpret all of those numbers and symbols. That's pretty fun, but we generally like things spelled out if we're going to be spending some money on the person we love on a major holiday. So when we see that Personality Hotels has a discount code for one of its upcoming Valentine's Day packages, and that code is CHEAPDATE, we're intrigued. That's just sayin' it like it is, which you have to love in a day when obfuscation is too often the rule. And what does the Cheap Date package include? A bottle of sweeter bubbly, some conversation hearts, and, yep, some coupons for fast-food burgers or fries. If that isn't your style, there is the VaVaVoom package, which includes a late-checkout, some fancy chocolates and sparkling wine, and, our favorite part, two blank Valentine's cards you can fill out in the room (to each other, we'd expect). That last bit is a bit of rather smart foresight on the part of Personality, seeing as how card aisles get rather ransacked come the evening of Feb. 14. (Which leads us to gently reprimand people buying cards at 10 p.m. on Valentine's Day. Yes, you are buying a card, so points for you, but a little planning will work in your favor next year.)

THE HOTELS: These deals are good at Hotel Diva, Kensington Park, and Hotel Union Square, which are all located right in San Francisco. (Valentine's Day tends to be that day when people splurge on a local hotel, so if we took points away for late-card-buying, we shall return them if you're somebody inclined to splurge in this way. It's nice and it's romantic.)

THE CODES: CHEAPDATE and VAVAVOOM are the codes. You'll want to read about prices and all the stuff that's included. And you'll really, really want to plan ahead this year. No judgment. We're just sayin'.

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