Facebook Drumbeat Now Calls For Betty White To Host Oscars

Betty White may have called the Facebook army who drafted her onto "Saturday Night Live"  losers, but they're not taking it personally.

Emboldened by the their SNL victory and even reveling in her heckling, Facebook types are now calling for the 88-year-old Golden Girl to host the Oscars. Some 43,000 have already expressed their support through the social media site.

In a stroke of viral genius, the 'Getting White to Host the Academy Awards' page has hit the Internet with head-turning momentum. And can you blame the "geeks" --as White called them during her fantastic SNL promo?

The White SNL appearance was the greatest act of entertainment democracy we've seen in years and was the rare "SNL" show that rose to the occasion of a truly great guest. Every skit had at least one laugh which centered around the beloved comedian.

She danced, made dirty jokes and pretty much insulted every race on God's green Earth all with that twinkle in her eye. Ratings numbers went through the roof. Could she not bring that same magic to the Oscars?

Oscar night is similar to SNL in that it's an institution which rarely lives up to its own massive reputation. Everyone can't wait to see it and then spends the next week complaining about the show around the office water cooler. White could ensure that it matches the hype. Critics would be run out of town.

And all the stars from Sandra Bullock to George Clooney would be in on the joke. At the Screen Actors Guild awards this year White pretty much stole the spotlight without even really trying as Hollywood icons tripped over themselves trying to get in on the joke. There's still plenty of love here.

The seemingly knee-jerk idea actually makes a lot of sense. But even if it never gets any further than Facebook, it's a worth watching a joke that hasn't grown old yet.

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