“The Kennedys” Will Finally See the Light of Day

Finally, some good news for Katie Holmes and "The Kennedys."

After several networks, including Showtime, DirectTV, and The History Channel, declined to air the 8-part mini-series in a dragged-out game of "not it," it looked as though the series - which stars Holmes as Jackie and Greg Kinnear as JFK - was going to be shelved for good.

Enter the Reelz Channel.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Reelz has picked up the series and will air Part 1 on April 3rd.

The controversial mini-series is said to play a little fast and loose with the facts surrounding the lives of America's most famous family, which seemed to make the majority of networks squeamish. Before Reelz snapped it up, rumors had BBC America being another potential suitor for the series. Beyond that...well...it could have been one hastily-added animated sequence away from Sprout.

This has to be a huge relief to Holmes, whose recent Sundance film "The Son of No One" was widely considered a festival bomb.

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